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Modular Kitchens


Modular Kitchens

Expect a Sleek-made modular kitchen that blends function with elegance and makes cooking a dream;

Key features: Space Optimization, Easy to Assemble, Customizable, Beautiful Appearance, Easy Maintenance and Quality Assurance.

Modular Wardrobes.

Find the right size, the perfect shape and a chic design for a signature wardrobe.

Key features: unique looks, elegant patterns, extremely easy to personalize; match your color preferences, budget, size as well as the designs of your choice; built around according to the available space; and available in single, double or three door styles.

Modular Wardrobes.

Living Room

Living Room.

Whether you’re lounging on the couch, watching TV with family or entertaining friends, your living room tends to be the center of your home. Urban hive professionals will help to design or renovate your living room with the right color, material and furniture needed to make the living room a better place

Key decorative ideas: Country style living rooms, Minimalist living rooms, Classic living rooms, Rustic style living rooms, Modern living rooms


Get completely personalized furniture to complement the aesthetic of your space

Key features: Can be Customised as per site conditions with reasonable cost




Choose from a wide-range of lights, elaborate chandeliers, beautiful floor lamps or sophisticated task lighting to work some style into your home décor.

Key features: Wide range of options available with reasonable price.

Painting & Wallpaper.

Get Signature Walls that express your true personal style. From interesting shades for an accent wall to stunning wallpapers for your bedroom, we make sure you find everything you need.

Key features: The service is executed by our trained applicators using mechanized tools. Entire painting job is supervised by our trained Associates. Wide range of wall paper options available with reasonable price.

Painting & Wallpaper.

Custom Projects

Have a custom project? We work on custom projects all the time.

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