Landscape Services

Our designs encompass both natural and social worlds, urban spaces and wilderness, land, water and air. In our view, landscape is not only a source of recreation and enjoyment but also a instrument of social reform. Our aim is to achieve a balance between the built and natural environment. 

Conceptual Design

Site analysis, requirement analysis, architectural character analysis. Understand client & phases of development for ecological sustainability.

Design Development

Integrate and coordinate landscape design with all other aspects – site formation levels, storm water drainage, structural and architectural character.

Tender Process

Prepare documents sufficient for the contractor to quote for the project. We also assist in selecting and finalizing the contractor.

Working Drawings

Working drawings will be provided to execute/build on site of all hardscape and soft scape features, also coordinate with electromechanical consultants for irrigation and water body elements.


Evaluate on-going construction activity by attending scheduled progress meetings with the client or his appointed agents. Assist QS/Cost Consultant in negotiations with vendors.

Site Coordination

Urban Hive shall inspect and comment on the construction methods and final product executed by the contractor, but would not be responsible for the construction and actual execution

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